4th Open Competition

Judge: John Fare. All images to have been taken in the British Isles

Deadline for entries for Portfolio of the Year.  Unfortunately Covid-19 still precludes print entries. Members are invited to enter up to four digital images, each from a different genre. If submitting four images please indicate which one of the four you would withdraw if we end up with too many images. The genre categories are:

1. Nature – fauna (including domestic and captive animals)
2. Nature – flora (including cultivated plants)
3. Nature – weather and other natural phenomena not included in 1, 2 and 4
4. Landscapes (including seascapes)
5. The hand of man (e.g. buildings, urban landscapes, sculptures, statues, interiors, etc.)
6. Transport (e.g. trains, planes, cars, bikes, boats)
7. Photojournalism (excluding sport)
8. Sport
9. Creative
10. People (portraits)
11. People (other than portraits)
12. Still Life
13. Abstracts and Patterns