Portfolio of the Year Competition

Judge: John Williams, EFIAP/b, MPSA, DPAGB from Penrith & District Camera Club

The Portfolio Competition will now go ahead as a digital image only competition in view of the potential risks involved in handling prints. In order to make the competition a little more interesting on this occasion as there are no prints, four digital images will now be required instead of three, each from a different genre as listed under the competition rules.

For those of you that have already entered please ensure that your additional image is submitted to Tricia by Friday 27th March. If you simply want to use one of the digital versions of your print entries then please let Tricia know. If you haven’t yet entered but would like to do so then please let Tricia have all four of your entries by next Friday.

John Williams will then judge the entries and provide brief comments. The images, together with the scores and brief comments will  be put on the KPS web site.