1st Open Competition, October 12th, 2022

This was our first open competition of the season. This meeting was well attended, with the majority attending in the meeting room, the highest attendance in person since the start of the covid pandemic, and others attending on Zoom.  The judge, Jack Bamford, a past member of Keswick Photographic Society,  is an experienced judge and gave his detailed critique of all the images which was full of positive comments and helpful tips.

The evening was divided in to two halves;  prints and digital images. There was a wide range of subjects in the images including Landscape, Portrait, Wildlife, Creative and Street photography.

There were 28 prints for Jack to judge.  Five prints awarded the maximum 20 points.  ‘Harvest Time’:


and ‘I Wish I could fly away too’ by Julie Walker, the latter awarded Best Creative:


‘Hiding Away’ by Keith Snell, which was awarded Best People:


”Owl about to land’ by David Price, award Best Nature:


and ‘Listen very carefully I’ll say this only Once’ by Alan Walker:


Three prints were awarded 19 points, these being ‘Marsh Harrier’ and ‘Snowy Owl Landing’ by Ronnie Gilbert, ‘A Fishing Trip’ by Simon Roberts. Five prints were awarded 18 points. ‘White Tiled Sea Eagle Hunting’ by Carol Minks, ‘Hoopoes You can’t have it’ and ‘The Mittens Monument Valley’  by Tom Stenhouse, ‘A bit of Aggro’ by Keith Snell and  ‘It’s Mine’ by Marilyn Woodthorpe.

Fifty digital images were submitted for judging in the digital section. Three images achieved the maximum 20 points. ‘ White Stallion at Dawn’ by Alan Walker, which also achieved Best Landscape,


‘Sidecar Duo’ by David Price


and ‘Grey Wagtail with snack’  by Alan Walker.


Five image achieved 19 points. ‘Orange Tip on Cuckoo Flower’ by David Woodthorpe, ‘Young Bears play fighting in the mist’ by Ronnie Gilbert, ‘ European Otter’ by Carol Minks, ‘ Grazing on Luskentyre Beach’ by Sue Rugg and ‘Great Northern Diver feeding chick’ by Julie Walker. Five images achieved 18 points. ‘Third Change’ by Bob Given, ‘Line Dance’ by Annie Given, ‘American Red Squirrel scratching’ by Julie Walker, ‘Black veined white Butterfly’ by Carol Minks and ‘Leopard resting’ by Graham Smith.

All the entered images can be viewed on the Gallery Page