1st Open Competiton, 13th October 2021

This was the Society’s first Open Competition of the season. It was also the first meeting where the judging of prints has been possible since the start of the Covid pandemic due to previous meetings taking place solely on Zoom.  Our judge, Simon Allen, who attended via Zoom, is a member of Dumfries Camera Club. He an experienced judge and gave his detailed critique of the images which was full of positive comments and helpful tips.

The evening was divided in to two halves;  prints and digital images. There were 28 prints for Simon to judge.  There was a wide range of subjects in the images, many taken locally but some from further afield.

The overall winner of the print section was Carol Minks with a beautiful image of a Whimbrel.


This image scored the maximum of 20 points and judged Best Nature print.    Ken Rennie also achieved the maximum score of 20 for his image of a seascape titled ‘Wild Horses’, this image was also judged the Best Creative print.


Three scores of 19 were awarded; one to Alan Walker for an image titled “It’s long way down Dad…be brave Son”, an adult and a young owl,


and another to Marilyn Woodthorpe for an image of an Indian woman feeding her goats titled “Feeding Time”.


The third was an image by Tom Stenhouse titled “Attempted Charge Down”, which also was judged Best People print. Simon also awarded a score of 18 to four prints. These were “Dawn on Bassenthwaite Lake” by Fred Bell, which was also judged Best Landscape print,


“In the Shifting Wind” by Sue Rugg,



“Three in One” by Ken Rennie


and “Made It” by David Price


Fifty Two images were submitted for judging in the digital section. Again a wide range of subjects in the images. The overall winner was Bob Given for his image titled “Lara Clears”, a monochrome image of a high jumper. This image scored 20 points, and judged Best People image.


A score of 20 was also awarded to Alan Walker for his image titled “ I see You”.


It was a good evening for Carole Minks who was also awarded 19 for her image titled “Wild Buzzard with Prey”, which was also judged Best Nature image.


All the entered images can be viewed in our gallery pages:

Gallery link