4th Open Competition, Feb 28th 2024

Our 4th Open Compettion was judged by Simon Allen from Dumfries. There were 37 print entries and 56 PDI entries.  In the print section the best print and best nature image of the night was “Autumn Arctic Fox” by Simon Roberts:

Best landscape of the night was “Wailing Widow” by Ken Rennie:

In addition “Give Us A Kiss” by Alan Walker was also awarded 20 marks:

In the PDI section “Beware When the Landlord Takes His Jacket Off” by Alan Walker was the best PDI and best portrait image of the night:

“Impressionist Gathering” by Keith Snell was the best creative image of the night:

Two other images in the PDI section scored top marks of 20 points. “Puffin at Nesting Hole” by Tony Marsh:

and “Wild Kestrel on a Very Windy Day” by Pete Whieldon:

All the entered images can be viewed on our gallery pages:

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