4th Open Competition, March 6th, 2019

Tonight we held our last open competition of the season. Our judge, Jack Bamford, as well as being an ex member of Keswick Photographic Society, is an experienced and well respected national and international judge and his critique of the images was full of positive comments and helpful tips. He also commented on the overall high standard of images produced by the Society, particularly in the prints section.

The evening was divided in to two halves;  prints and digital images. There were 32 prints for Jack to judge.  A high proportion of these were nature images, many taken locally but some from further afield including a tiger from India, a jaguar from South America, vultures from Bulgaria, an Iberian Lynx from Spain  and a Great Grey Owl from Finland. There were an equal number of landscapes, most taken locally.

The overall winner of the print section was Ken Rennie with a beautiful image taken in Borrowdale titled “Break through”:


Jack commented “this print is what landscape photography is all about” and he praised the level of detail in the print, the beauty of the light and the overall print quality.  Ronnie Gilbert also achieved the maximum score of  20 for his image of an Iberian Lynx:


A third score of 20 was awarded to Carol Minks for her image titled “Golden Eagle and Fox”:


Two scores of 19 were awarded; one to Alan Walker for a monochrome image titled “The Story Teller”:


and the other to Julie Walker for a monochrome image of three white galloping horses titled “Out of the Mist:


Jack also awarded a score of 18 for six prints. These were “Jaguar on River Bank at Dawn” by Ronnie Gilbert, “Moss Force” by Carmen Norman, “Great Grey Owl, Finland” by Carol Minks, “Late Evening Sycamore Gap” by Tom Stenhouse and “Wild Tiger Cub” and “On the Lookout”, a Kingfisher, both by Tony Marsh.

Forty images were submitted for judging in the digital section. Landscape and nature images again predominated. Many of these were taken locally but we were also transported to the Forbidden City in China, Venice, the Arctic, South America and Alaska. The overall winner was Ronnie Gilbert for his image titled “Golden Eagle Pair Displaying”:


Scores of 20 were also awarded to Gordon Train for his image of a Spotted Fly Catcher:


Alan Walker for his image of a Grizzly Bear with a fish titled “A Successful Catch”:


and David Woodthorpe for his image of a Sedge Warbler.


It was a good evening for Ronnie as he scored 18 for his second image which was of a Toucan.  It was also a good evening for Carole Minks who was awarded 19 for her image titled “Ringed Plover Calling”:


and 18 for “Blackbird and Berry Feast”.  Another 19 was awarded to Tony Marsh for his “Female Blackbird with Red Berries”. Alan Walker achieved 18 with his image of a ballerina in a derelict building titled “Contrast”. Scores of 18 were also  awarded to Keith Snell for “Giant Kingfisher with Catch”, and two to Julie Walker for an image of a Polar Bear and her cub titled “A Tender Moment” and also for “Waiting for the First Bus”.

Julie Walker