AGM Presentations, April 7th, 2021

Keswick Photographic Society held its Annual General Meeting via Zoom on 7th April. The meeting lasted no longer than fifteen minutes and following this five of the Society’s members talked about the photographic projects they had undertaken during lockdown.

Julie Walker spoke first about how lockdown had provided an opportunity to spend time experimenting with different techniques in order to convert her photographs to more painterly images. Julie showed a number of examples of her creative work including images of animals taken in the Kalahari in South Africa, tall ships on the river Thames and ballerinas.


Sue Rugg was next to talk. She had been inspired by Keith Snell, another club member, to experiment with Intentional Camera Movement. This involves moving the camera as the image is taken. Sue showed some lovely images of water and also of woodland taken with both vertical and horizontal movement of the camera. She had been particularly pleased with the impact of this technique on the colours in the images.


Tony Marsh then talked about an online community called the Wild Bunch he had joined. This had been set up by Andy Rouse, a well-known wildlife photographer.  Members of this group are regularly set challenges which during lockdown have included Autumn, Garden Macro and Close Ups, Two’s Company, Silhouettes and Slow Shutter Speed to name a few. Tony showed the various images that he had considered for these challenges as well as his final submissions.


Richard Jakobson followed. He explained that, inspired by Tony Marsh’s macro work, he had set up a studio in his conservatory and his first project had been to photograph snowdrops. In order to achieve a sharp image from back to front he had taken a number of images focused on different areas of the flowers. He had then stacked these together using software that detects the sharpest areas in each image and then combines them. He had then tried this technique on various other subjects.


David Woodthorpe was the final speaker. He explained how four members had particularly influenced his work. Inspired by Carmen Norman he had purchased a light box which had enabled him to take portraits of family members as well as still life images of flowers.  Richard Jakobson’s work had encouraged him to take photographs of the moon and he had also been inspired by Keith Snell to experiment with Intentional Camera Movement. Tony Marsh’s work had also led to him experimenting with macro work and focus stacking.


Our season has been extended until the end of June and we will be meeting via Zoom twice a month until then. Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 28th April when members’ images will be critiqued by three experienced members of the society who are also judges.

Julie Walker