“City Life”, Short Sets Competition, December 11th, 2019

The third Set Subject competition of the season, titled ‘City Life’, took place on Wednesday 11th December. The real purpose of the set subject competitions is to give  members a chance to submit pictures in a more relaxed way since, unlike the Society’s Open competitions, the marks awarded do not go towards the season’s photographic league. In addition, they also give members the opportunity to see how they can improve their images and photographic techniques. The judge for the competition was Alan Walker, a society member from Ambleside. Alan judges at Open Exhibitions, the Northern Counties Photographic Federation and both club and inter-club competitions and he holds distinctions with the Royal Photographic Society, Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, Photographic Society of America and Federation Internationale Del’Art Photographique. Alan enters the Society’s Open competitions so cannot judge these but the Set Subject competitions are a separate set of competitions so, in this competition, Society members had the chance to have their images judged by him. Before Alan commented on the digital images, he described the competition as a bit of fun but also competitive and technical with the extra dimension of how to interpret ‘City Life’. Alan stressed the importance of adhering to the theme as defined by the title of the set subject, although members had been told that towns could also be included so as not to exclude anyone who didn’t regularly travel further afield. City life in cities and towns across the globe featured in the entries as well as one image taken in Keswick.

Members could enter up to three images and, in total, 46 digital images had been submitted. Five images received top scores of twenty and two of these were by Aline Hopkins, whose third image gained an excellent score of nineteen, making her the highest scoring photographer in the competition. Aline’s top-scoring images were ‘City Walkway’


and ‘Night Crossing’, both taken in Tokyo with the latter image featuring the famous Shibuya Crossing.


The other three images awarded top scores were ‘Pigeon Fanciers, Havana’ by Keith Snell,


‘Isolated in a Busy World’ by David Woodthorpe


and‘Traffic Flow, Venetian Style’ by Tricia Rayment.


Three images were awarded scores of nineteen and these were ‘Night Market, Kolkata’ by Tony Marsh,


‘City at Night’ by Sue Rugg


and ‘Morning Ablutions’ by Aline Hopkins.


A grand total of eleven images achieved scores of eighteen and these were ‘Krakov’, ‘All Roads Lead to Putin’ and ‘Railway Line Market, Peru’, all three by Stephen Harris; ‘Don’t Argue, ID Please’ and ‘Ligurian Morning Tide’, both by Keith Snell; ‘Belfast Wall’ and ‘Church in Hiding’, both by Philip Cartwright; ‘Early Morning Delivery’ by David Leighton; ‘Circular Architecture’ by Tony Marsh; ‘There’s an Elephant in the Room, Berlin’ by Tom Stenhouse; and ‘Frauline Bland Goes Running’ by David Rayment.

All the images can be viewed on our gallery page:

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At the end of the judging, members had time to ask questions and then Alan was formally thanked for all his hard work judging the images and for giving such a good critique of our pictures.