“Hard Work” Print Competition, November 7th 2018

November’s first meeting was a competition for members who had submitted printed images on the theme of “Hard at Work”. This theme had been chosen by our Chairman, Keith Snell who also took on the task of critiquing and scoring the images.

At the outset Keith said how much he had enjoyed viewing the breadth of subject and the quality of the images. He then explained that he had judged the images based on their photographic quality and also on how well they expressed the idea of “Hard at Work”. He had been fairly liberal when assessing the latter but admitted his liberal stance was a little tested at times!

A total of 23 images were submitted with a range of interpretations of the theme including portraits of various professions “hard at work”, several images clearly with an ironic slant on the theme, street scenes in various locations, images of wildlife working hard and some photo journalistic action shots.

Keith had clearly taken time and effort to review the images and was able to offer for each one submitted advice on what may have improved the photograph and what he found particularly pleasing. He also fulfilled an educational remit in advising the audience of the details of some of the more obscure professions depicted. eg a “scudder” being a leather worker who cleans the hides after they have been tanned.

The images were scored out of 20 and three received top marks; “Hard Day’s Night”


and “Charcoal Maker” by Alan Walker


and “The Caulker” by Richard Jakobson.


Keith was impressed by the exceptional composition of “Hard Day’s Night” with a sharply silhouetted figure and the arching fluid separated from the background but echoing its curve. He liked the subdued toning of “The Charcoal Maker” which emphasised the workers distinctive face. “The Caulker” showed a boatyard worker sealing the cracks between the planks of a wooden hull. Keith thought that the backlighting was effective but the image still managed to show the details in the workers face.

Other high scoring images included “Under Pressure” by Ed Richardson


“The Jewellery Shop” by Tony Marsh ;


and “Clean Sweep” by David Rayment;


Images of all the submitted prints can be viewed on our gallery page:

Hard Work Gallery

At the end of the meeting Keith presented this year’s “Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service” to Tom Stenhouse. This was made in recognition of Tom’s hard work and dedication over recent years as Programme Secretary. He brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the role and was unstinting in his commitment to ensuring every meeting was set up and ran smoothly.  Keith’s thanks was echoed by the subsequent applause from the members present.