Image Critique, September 20th, 2023

This week’s meeting was a step away from the normal lecture, presentation or judging session of members’ photographs. Instead it was a novel approach which involved the participation of all members and visitors.  The evening was led by our member, David Price EFIAP MPSA DPAGB.

“Shard and Squares” by David Carine

The aim of the evening was to give all members the opportunity to critique images in a non-competitive environment and in so doing improve their appreciation both of the images and of the role of judges.  The potential for significantly differing opinions of an image would highlight the difficulty judges experience in scoring or ranking images.

“Lone Man in the Landscape” by Marta Almar

Members had been invited to submit up to six digital images prior to the evening’s meeting and David collated and anonymised them.  Members had been invited to bring their own laptops to the meeting and the selection of images were uploaded onto 7 laptops.  The 21 members present were divided into groups of three and invited to discuss the technical, compositional and storytelling merits of the images.

“Tuatara” by Philip Cartwright

They could make suggestions for improvement if appropriate and so on.  There was no requirement to reach a consensus nor to report on their deliberations.  It was simply an interactive experience of assessing images and it worked incredibly well!

“Redwood Glade” by Richard Jakobson

Everyone present immersed themselves in the exercise and it was apparent that there was opportunity for everyone to have their say. The success of the evening could be judged by the fact that everyone was still busily critiquing images when the time for the meeting to close had been reached.  David Price was thanked for introducing this event and I feel sure that the concept will be repeated in future programmes.

David Woodthorpe