Ken Rennie, “Processing Landscape Images”, November 27th, 2019

On Wednesday 27th November Keswick Photographic Society members were given an excellent live digital demonstration by award winning photographer and member of Keswick Photographic Society, Ken Rennie. Ken has had work accepted in a number of prestigious exhibitions including Landscape Photographer of the Year and Edinburgh Festival Exhibition and has been published in Landscape Photography Magazines. He has been a member of the Society for over four years and has contributed in Keswick’s success in both international and national photographic competitions.



Ken travels far and wide in search of his amazing landscape photographs, but favours his native Scotland to provide most of his evocative images. Although he does present his work digitally his preference is for fine art printing to show his work off to its fullest extent.

Ken’s enthusiasm for his subject shone through as he treated members to this live demonstration. He showed how he achieved his award-winning images together with new, never seen before images, in which he invited members to help him in choosing appropriate treatments for lighting, crop and colour balance, thereby helping the understanding by members of the process.

The second half of the evening was taken up with Ken showing his  ‘fixes’ to improve images by removing distracting matter and annoying artefacts, often caused during the post processing by software and ‘tips and tricks’ for adding light, mist, sharpness and colour where necessary. This proved very popular with members who kept Ken going way past the usual finishing time with requests to see more techniques for achieving the high-quality images he is known for.

Rydal Dawn:


The talk contained a high level of technical information as one would expect of an evening demonstrating the processing of RAW photographic images in Photoshop, but Ken delivered it with his dry sense of humour and made it totally inclusive for all levels of experience by demonstrating techniques several times and taking question as he proceeded.

Ken has produced a set of notes from his talk which members can access from the member’s page of the website

Everyone enjoyed Ken’s fun evening packed full of tips on how to improve our photographs and he has been booked for another evening next season to show how he produces his amazingly power monochrome images.

Alan Walker