KPS 1st Open Competition, October 3rd 2018

The judge for our First Open Competition was Tony Potter, ARPS, EFIAP/p, APSA, GMPSA, DPAGB, APAGB, a Northern Counties Photographic Federation judge from West Cumbria.  The 38 prints and 44 projected digital images had been delivered to the judge beforehand and Tony arrived on the evening having awarded a score out of twenty for every print and projected image. Tony discussed each image, commenting on the good points and, in some cases, suggesting where improvements could be made.

The first half of the evening was devoted to the print entries and Tony commented that the prints, in particular, were of a very high standard and that this was reflected in the large number of images awarded a top score. Both prints entered by Julie Walker achieved a top score of twenty and four other Society members were awarded top scores for one of their prints. The winning prints were: ‘Horses Emerging from the Forest’ by Julie Walker:


‘Forest Maidens’ by Julie Walker:


‘The Beast from the East’ by Roland Harries:

‘Brown Hare’ by Carol Minks:


‘Hockney by the Sea’ by Ken Rennie:


and ‘The Laird’ by Alan Walker:


At the end of the print judging, Tony selected his personal overall winning print and this was ‘Hockney by the Sea’ by Ken Rennie.

Two prints scored nineteen points and these were: ‘Off Street Parking’ by Roland Harries:

and ‘Misty Great Bay’ by David Woodthorpe:

Another print by David Woodthorpe, entitled ‘Chinese Bridge’, was awarded eighteen points:


Prints by two other members also achieved scores of eighteen and these were: ‘On Reflection’ by Richard Jakobson:


and ‘Great Grey Owl Hunting’ by Carol Minks:


After a break Tony then reviewed the projected digital images. Of these six received a top score : ‘Teenage Tantrums’ by Keith Snell:


‘The Widow, rural Mongolia’ by John Macfarlane:


‘Spring Growth’ by Ken Rennie:


‘Christine in Mauve’ by Julie Walker:


‘No Trespassers’ by Alan Walker:


and ‘Puffin Returning to Sea’ by Tricia Rayment:


Tony selected ‘Teenage Tantrum’ by Keith Snell as his overall winning projected digital image.

Three projected images received scores of nineteen and these were: ‘Carnival Time’ by Ted Jordan:


‘Evening Light’ by Richard Jakobson:


and ‘Under Warnscale Beck’ by John Macfarlane:



Images with scores of eighteen were ‘At Full Pelt’ by David Woodthorpe:


‘Reed Bunting with Damselfly’ by David Woodthorpe:



‘Never to Fly Again by Michael Rowlinson:


‘I Told You It Was Slippy’ by Keith Snell:


‘The Happy Window’ by Carol Minks:


‘Face Off’ by Alan Walker:


and ‘Phalarope Hunting for Food’ by Tricia Rayment:











David Rayment thanked the judge for all his hard work judging and commenting on the images.