Set Subject Competition, 3rd November 2021

Our first set subject competition of the season was held on November 3rd. For this, members were asked to submit a panel of three images, either prints or digital images, on a subject of their choice. Seventeen members entered and there was a wide variety of themes including portraits, landscapes, sport and wildlife.

Alan Walker judged the images and as well as looking at the quality of each individual image he considered how well the three images in each entry sat together as a cohesive panel.

There were six print entries and Alan awarded “Best Print Entry” to Sue Rugg for her panel of high key images of trees. He remarked that the simplicity of these images was particularly appealing.


There were 11 entries in the digital image section.  “Best Digital Entry” went to Antony Melling for a panel of beautiful abstracts of flowing water.


Alan then made a number of other awards. Best Portrait was awarded jointly to Annie Given for her digital panel of three images of a boxer


and to David Price for his print panel of three close up portraits of a busker.


Ann Healey’s triptych of moody trees was selected as the best creative entry.

Into the Dark Woods


Bob Given’s entry of female rugby players was awarded “Best Sports Entry”.


“Best Landscape” went to Chris Burgess for three images of sand dunes which illustrated various stages in their development.


Marilyn Woodthorpe’s panel comprising head shots of a Merlin was selected as the best nature image


and finally Michael Rowlinson’s panel of vintage diggers and other machinery was awarded “Best General Interest”.


Julie Walker, Nov 2021