Short Sets Competition: “After Dark”, Nov 15th 2023

This autumn’s short sets competition was chosen and judged by David Woodthorpe. His choice of topic was “After Dark”. This resulted in both a wide genres of images including landscapes,  portraits, wildlife, architecture and composites, and a large number of images, 60 in total.

As usual David gave constructive criticism laced with humour but successfully managed to gently rattle the cages of some  of our senior, experienced members! At the end of the evening he declared his “best of” in various categories:

Best Landscape was “Wallstreet After Dark” by Alan Walker:

Best Seascape was “Lulworth Cove” by Tom Stenhouse:

Best Skyscape was “The Cygnus Wall” by Richard Jakobson:

Best Wildlife was “Tawny Owl Hunting at Dusk” by Alan Walker:

Best Portrait and David’s choice of Best of the Evening was “Evening Prayer” by Jo Knight:

All of the entered images can be viewed on our gallery pages for 2023-2024