Trip to Drumburgh Moss, August 2021

A group of KPS members met on a sunny day at Drumburgh Moss Nature Reserve on the Solway Plain for what has become a regular outing to practise our insect photography. Drumburgh Moss is an excellent example of a raised peat mire and is well looked after by Cumbria Wildlife Trust. It is home to a number of species of Dragonflies and Damselflies as well as other interesting insects and plants.
There was a variety of camera kit and experience on display but everybody was able to produce some excellent images:
Anthony Melling, Female Black Darter:
Graham Smith, Black Darter:
Keith Snell, Damselflies Chasing:
Ken Rennie, Black Darter:
Mike Rowlinson, Hoverfly:
Sue Rugg, Four Spotted Chaser:
Tom Stenhouse, Emerald Damselfly:
Tony Marsh, Black Darter: