NCPF Club Competition Success 2018

Following on from our success in the Three Way Battle last Wednesday, Keith, Ken & myself travelled to way beyond Hexham yesterday to attend the Judging of the Northern Counties Photographic Federation’s Club Competition.  There are 50 clubs in the NCPF, the majority being in the North East, and 24 of them entered the PDI competition and 18 the Prints.  We won this competition last year and also had best individual PDI & Print.

Each club enters 20 PDIs & or 20 Prints and these are shown in rapid succession to three judges, who haven’t seen them before and who make an instant judgement to give a score between 2 & 5, the three scores are then added up. This involved looking at 480 PDIs and 340 prints so you can see how rushed it is.

I am pleased to say that we again won both categories with 222 points in the PDIs, (2nd Hexham with 213 and Durham 3rd with 209), and 238 in the Prints, (2nd Durham with 215 and 3rd Northallerton with 203). As you can see these are significant margins. There were no 15s scored in PDIs and only one 15 in Prints so congratulations to John Macfarlane, Ken Rennie and Alan and Julie Walker for their scores of 14.

Individual results can be viewed in the members section.

Tony Marsh