KPS 4th Open Competition March 7th 2018

Our 4th Open Competition was judged by John Williams DPAGB EFIAP/b MPSA who made constructive comments about each of the images and gave helpful advice on how they could be improved. His comments were often delivered with humour which led to a highly entertaining evening.

John was particularly complimentary about the quality of the prints submitted which he felt were of great credit to a small club such as Keswick. He thought they would stand up well in competition against  images from some of the larger and better known clubs in the UK. Overall the images demonstrated Keswick’s particular strengths in landscape and natural history but images of other genres also did well.

In the print section Ken Rennie, who specialises in landscapes, was the overall winner with “Katie Morag Sets Sail”, an artistic impression of a seascape including a boat in the distance.

Ken had a particularly good night as his other two prints also achieved high scores. Watendlath Beck scored 20 and Winter Falls 19. Two of Ken’s digital images also did well. “Three in a Row”, another waterfall,  scored 20 and Walltown Crags scored 19.

Ronnie  Gilbert, a long standing Society member and respected wildlife photographer, was the overall winner in the digital section with his “Grizzly Bear Out of the Mist”, an image taken in Alaska of a young grizzly bear emerging from the mist.

Ronnie’s other digital images also did well.  “Sparrow Hawk in Flight” achieved  another 20, and “Pine Martin” was  awarded 19. He also had a successful night with his prints  “Two Young Bears Sparring” and “Otter Pair in Evening Light” both achieving scores of 19.

Alan Walker did well in the print section with a variety of subjects. “Don’t Leave Me” and “Repent of Your Sins” both scored 20 while  “Black Browed Albatross Courtship” was awarded 19.

Alan had success in the digital section too with “Ivory Flame” which also received maximum marks.

Richard Jakobson entered a beautiful night shot of the Milky Way in the digital section. A score of 20 was awarded in recognition of the difficulty and effort required to produce such an image.

Richard was also awarded high scores for his print “Desert Scene” (18) and  his digital image “The Screes” (18) taken at Wastwater.

David Woodthorpe also had a successful evening . His print “Jay Landing” scored 20  and another print “Hairs on End”, a portrait of a Mountain Hare, was awarded 18.

He also scored 18 with “Sparrow Hawk and Sudden Gust “. In the digital section David achieved 19 with “Oops”, an image of the Red Arrows.

Keith Snell was awarded high marks for prints  taken in Yellowstone earlier this year. “Lone Tree and Bison” was awarded 19, “Frosted Trees” scored 18  and “Swans in a Snowstorm” also scored 18.

In the digital section  his “Bison Stand Off” was awarded 19.

High marks were also awarded to Carol Minks for her digital images  “Black Tailed Godwit”  (19) and “Jay in a Bluebell Wood” (18).

Her print ” Young Moose” also scored 18 .

Other prints that scored well included “Butterfly” (18) and “Patel” (18) both by Carol Waterhouse

“Rufous Collared Sparrow” (18) by Tom Stenhouse ,

“Derwent Water Rainbow” (18) by Tony Marsh

and “Walking on Water” (18) by Julie Walker.

In the digital section Wendy Jordan was awarded 19 for “Shy”

and Ted Jordan was awarded 18 for ” Maid in Venice”.

Other high scoring digital  images included “Farmyard Stoat” (18) by Tony Marsh,  “Tumbledown” (18) by Roy Knowles,

“Aira Force” (18) by Michael Rowlinson

and “Lioness and Cubs” (18), “Red Eyed Tree Frog on Petal (18)

and “Glen Etive” (19) all by Julie Walker.

New members entered several images and  it was encouraging to see Julian Carnell achieving success with his digital image “Nice Groyne” which was awarded 18.

In total there were  42 prints and 70 digital images to judge, a difficult task to achieve in the time available. John rose to the challenge by keeping his comments short and to the point.  This made for a very informative and enjoyable evening. It also allowed him to finish on time enabling him to return home before the A66 was closed for the night.

Julie Walker