Colleen Slater, Macrophotography, 30th November

Our meeting on the 30th November was a presentation via Zoom by Colleen Slater who is based in Brighton. Colleen is a macrophotography specialist and she took us through the development of her interest which first started when she began to photograph flowers deliberately placed under water. These flowers continue to photosynthesise and as a result produce bubbles of oxygen which when photographed close up with varied backgrounds produce some beautiful unique images.


She then moved on to macrophotography of flowers and was able to give us various tips and tricks used when out in the field. Whilst photographing flowers Colleen began to be aware of a fascinating variety of insects which sparked her interest in imaging them close up.


In contrast, as part of a project with a local photographic group Colleen began to take macro images along Brighton promenade and beach. This resulted in a completely different set of macro photographs of objects in this urban environment


as well as a fascinating series of the textures that can be seen when you take the time to look.


We were joined for this Zoom meeting by members of Kendal Photography and all found this a fascinating and inspiring evening.

Richard Jakobson