James Rushworth, The Dolomites and Iceland, November 16th, 2022

On the 16th November we were given an exhilarating presentation by James Rushworth on The Dolomites and Iceland. James is an experienced rock climber and mountain skier now based in Kendal. He described how working as a ski guide in the Dolomites in Italy led to a further career in photography and the production of climbing and photography guides.


He showed us several vertigo inducing photographs of his climbs in the Dolomites including the famous Via Ferrata.


There were also images of off-piste skiing down terrifyingly steep couloirs high in the mountains.


Interspersed with these very active representations of the Dolomites were landscapes demonstrating their beauty both during the day and also at night.


The second half of the evening was based primarily in Iceland, where James now also runs photographic tours and where he tries to get away from the more popular photo locations as much as possible. These include trips into the centre of Iceland in 4-wheel drive vehicles


and into ice caves beneath the glaciers.


He has been able to capture the many stunning landscapes in Iceland which of course include photographs of the Aurora Borealis.


James also uses a drone for photography at times. He was able to show us how the drone can offer a completely different perspective even when only a few metres off the ground.


His audience was captivated throughout the evening by James’ extraordinary images and the narrative that accompanied them.

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Richard Jakobson